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Natural History INTRODUCTION

Our golf course hosts a broad range of wildlife.

The wooded areas are remnants of the great Forest of Arden with oak, holly and birch dominating but also the quite rare wild service tree. We therefore have many woodland specialists. Birds such as nuthatches, great and, much rarer, lesser spotted woodpeckers, mouse like tree creepers and sparrow hawks. Also, native roe deer, stoats and badgers alongside introduced muntjac deer and grey squirrels. We continue to manage areas not involved in play to help improve biodiversity.

Our ponds help with course irrigation but also provide habitat for wildfowl, frogs, and aquatic insects. We have created wildflower areas which attract a growing range of butterflies and insects. Increasing biodiversity is critical to the health of our planet - at Ladbrook we are doing our bit.

New recruits to our wildlife team

One of our camera shy roe deer

Yellow rattle in July

A key wildflower in creating a traditional wildflower meadow aka ’The Meadow Maker’.


Butterfly Sightings

Anybody taking a photo they would like us to consider for our Natural History Gallery is asked to email their photo taken at Ladbrook Park to