Club Rules

Priority On the Course:
•  The Captain and the President have priority on the first tee.
•  Club Matches have priority over Club Competitions, which have priority over all other games.
•  All players shall give way to those having priority.
•  Two-ball matches have priority over three and four-ball matches except on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
•  Players teeing off have priority over players putting out on the adjacent green.
•  Single players have equal standing.
•  Players cutting in shall give way.
•  Avoid slow play all times. Players must allow the match behind to play through when losing a clear hole on the match in front, or looking for a lost ball.

Starting Tees

• Official starting tees are the 1st and 11th only. Players are permitted to start from the 14th tee only with special permission from the Captain, President or Club Professional.
• No play shall commence at the 11th tee unless the 10th hole is clear from the stream to the green. No play shall commence at the 14th tee (if permitted) unless the 13th hole is clear from the stream.
• Play starting at the 11th tee and arriving at the 1st tee should alternate with matches starting at the 1st tee unless the 1st Tee is reserved.

The course is reserved for 7 day members, subject to any tee reservations.

All 6 & 7 day Members may play at any time on Sundays, subject to any tee reservations.

The 1st tee will be reserved for the Ladies to play from 8.00 am to 12 Noon in summer months and 9.00 am to 11.30 am in winter months. This may be extended for specific competitions subject to prior written agreement from the Office. Gentlemen may commence play from the 1st tee after these times or the 11th Tee after 14.30 in the summer months and 14.00 in the winter months.

The 1st tee is reserved for LOBS from 8.00 am to 9.30 am unless there is a club event on. When the LOBS have a handicap qualifying competition the tee time will be extended by a further half hour.

Golf Course Maintenance
•  Bunkers should be raked after use.
•  All divots should be properly replaced, and pitch marks on greens repaired.
•  Flags should be carefully replaced in the holes avoiding damage to the edges.
•  Divots on tees should be repaired from the seed boxes.
•  Players are requested to walk on the appropriate paths, where provided, to avoid unnecessary wear on the Course.
•  Players must not drive buggies or trolleys between the green and an adjacent bunker.

•  Practice is confined to the practice ground apart from a single player on the course may play a maximum of two balls.
•  No other practice of any kind is permitted on the Course.
•  All practice must give way immediately to players playing a round of golf.
•  Juniors with a Congu handicap may practice on the Course, in accordance with the above mentioned rules.

(a visitor who is not a member and not accompanied by a member)
•  All visitors are subject to the Club Rules.
•  All visitors must sign the Visitors Book, and a green fee paid to the Professional’s Shop prior to commencement of play. The Guest Book in the bar must be signed if consuming alcohol.
•  Visitors are not permitted to play at week-ends except by prior appointment. The number of times a visitor may play the course is limited to six times a calendar year.

GUESTS (a visitor playing with a member)
A Member may introduce a guest at a reduced green fee set by the Committee. This privilege is subject to the following provisions: -
•  The Guest must play with a member, who shall accept full responsibility for his conduct.
•  A Member may not play with more than three guests on any one day.
•  All guests must sign the Visitors Book, and a green fee paid to the Professional’s Shop prior to commencement of play. The Guest Book in the bar must be signed if consuming alcohol.
•  The number of times a guest may play the course is limited to six times a calendar year.


Dress Code


•  Members shall ensure that their guests abide by the Club Rules as applicable in particular the Dress Code. The Bar staff are instructed to apply these Dress Regulations at all times, and may request a member or guest to leave the Clubhouse if they are in breach of the Dress Regulations.
•  All guests must sign the Guest Book in the bar if they wish to consume alcohol. This applies to family and friends. Visiting groups, and societies are exempted.
•  At times when jackets and ties are required at an official Club function, jackets may only be removed with the express permission of either the President or the Captain.
•  Bar Staff are empowered to defuse alcohol to anyone who appears to be intoxicated or to anyone purchasing alcohol on their behalf.

Car Park

Parking in Poolhead Lane is not allowed. Cars must be parked in the prescribed car parking spaces.

Electronic Devices
Mobile phones used to conduct conversations are strictly forbidden in the Clubhouse and on the course, but may be used in the Car Park and the entrance lobby. Silent electronic devices are permitted in the Clubhouse and on the course provided they cause no disturbance to other members.

The Club House is strictly a non-smoking area, in compliance with the law. A smokers’ shelter is provided. This applies to E-Cigarettes.

Snooker Lounge / Table
•  After use the snooker table should be left with the balls set up ready for the next players.
•  The table should be left covered by the Members playing the last game of the evening.
•  Visitors are allowed use of the snooker table if it is vacant.
•  Members have priority over use of the table.

Golf Equipment
Trolleys must not be transported over or left on the patio, and should be confined to the area adjacent to the 1st tee or under cover by the office. Golf bags must not be left on the patio or outside the Professional shop

•  Respect for all members of staff is paramount.
•  All Members are asked to moderate their language at all times.
•  Knife and fork meals are not to be consumed at the bars.
•  Stools should not be placed at the end of the bar adjacent to the dance floor.
•  Members are not allowed in either the kitchen or bar serving areas.
•  Members are asked to ensure that their guests sign the Guest Book behind the bar.
•  No notices or placards, either written or printed may be displayed in the Clubhouse without the approval of the Office.
•  Contact details of Members in the Members’ Directory on the Club Website are subject to GDPR and may not be used for commercial gains or marketing purposes
•  Any junior or group of juniors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult when visiting the back bar area, but shall not be allowed to purchase alcohol. A junior member who has reached their 18th birthday may use the bar and its facilitiesunaccompanied and may purchase alcohol. Juniors who dine in the clubhouse with a parent or guardian may consume alcohol provided for them by the parent or guardian.


Rules on the Course
•  Weekday Play: Junior members with a handicap over 36 or without an allocated handicap are not allowed on the Course unless accompanied by an adult playing member or another junior with a handicap of 36 or less.
•  Junior members without a handicap of 28 are not allowed on the Course before 14.00 hrs on Saturdays during British Summer Time and 12.30 hrs during Greenwich Mean Time and 13.00 hrs on Sundays.
•  Upon attaining a handicap of 28 male Juniors are allowed to play in adult competitions, but if under the age of 18, they are not allowed to enter the sweepstakes. Female Juniors playing in Ladies Competitions shall be governed by the rules of the Ladies Section. 
• When playing in adult competitions, juniors must play with at least one adult member. This rule may be waived by a Committee Member or the Professional.